Apple Watch Getting a Finnish Touch

[By Derek Ang on March 10, 2015 with 01 Commnets]

No the title doesn’t contain a typo. Everywear Games, a new Finnish game company based in Helsinki is gearing up to provide games for the Apple Watch. While this sounds like non-news this company is founded by the group that created Angry Birds and Supercell so two things are clear: They have money and they know how to make games that waste an epic amount of time. Specifically former executives from Rovio, Dark Chocolate, and Remedy are on the team and are ready to get started making games for wearable devices. Who would have thought anyone would write that phrase down. Crazy times.

The company has backers lining up to fund them including half a million Euros from Lifeline Ventures that backed Supercell, Sunstone Capital, and an undisclosed amount from the Finnish government. Do you get the feeling that those in the know are all in with this thing? Probably so.

Although it seems that the firm is primarily focusing on apps for the Apple Watch their mission statement includes all wearable devices. What these are and how they might express themselves is not clear. A shirt that is a TV you can buy you wife so you can watch her back? A hat with a flip down screen while you are on the bus? They should hire me clearly I’m plugged into the market.

The CEO of Everywear Aki Jarvilehto said, “We are the first developer to go all in with smart watch gaming. Expect others to follow very soon”. He claims that the driving force behind the company is to create new experiences around smart watches that will evoke a positive emotional response from consumers. This is how the market will expand quickly, making people care about their watch again.

There is what is being called an “unrivaled opportunity” to create a completely new type of gaming experience for a brand new market. This of course is referring to the Apple Watch which is to be released in the very near future. This device will have a completely new type of input, screen size, screen shape and portability. In effect this will be an entirely new experience that has really never been seen before. This is a recipe for the coolest thing ever, or an epic dude that could be heard flopping on the Martian Colony. The former is the most likely given the changing technology of the times and the foresight shown previously by the players involved, but make no mistake it is still a gamble. A big one.

Remember that many game developers said early on that would not be possible to have a meaningful experience gaming on the iPhone because the screen was just too small. No one want to be the guy that said that at the board meeting this time around. He is probably still working at Apple, just at a much reduced capacity. As of now games like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, and many Facebook games have taken hold so fast and strongly it shocked the developers themselves. Some people ONLY play games on the iPhone. So thpppt to the naysayers. It is this very reason few are ready to stand up and say your idea for watch games is ridiculous even though it might be. Maybe. I don’t know.

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